How to make a complaint

Published: 9 February 2017

If you wish to make a complaint about one of our properties or someone living in a Housing New Zealand home, you can:

  • call us anytime on 0800 801 601

  • write us a letter, addressed to:

    Housing Services Manager
    Housing New Zealand 
    National Office
    PO Box 2628,
    Wellington 6140


We do our best to resolve complaints and will let you know within two working days when you can expect to hear of the outcome.


Resolving disputes

Most neighbourly disputes are resolved amicably but there are some cases where we may be asked to help. We will help if our tenants, their neighbours or members of our staff are in danger of physical harm, or if the dispute affects people in the surrounding area.

In some instances, we will write to the person who seems to be causing the problem. If we continue to get complaints about a tenant we may take further action. This could lead to eviction if they are at fault. Eviction is a last resort and involves applying to the Tenancy Tribunal to get possession of the property.


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