Kiwibank bill payments

Published: 14 May 2016

To set up a bill payment you'll need to log in to internet banking (external link) and select the Pay & Transfer tab from the menu at the top, then Pay a bill (for a company). Under biller details type “HOUSING NZ” in the Search for a biller field and click search, follow steps 1 to 4 below to complete set up.


Need help to get started?

If you don't use internet banking, you can call us on 0800 11 33 55 to learn more about electronic payment options, to set up phone or mobile banking or you can visit your local Kiwibank. (external link)


Note: On their statement, notes appear when cursor position on the green highlighted boxes.

Particulars: Surname and initials (as shown on 6 monthly statement or letters).

Code: Address as shown on 6 monthly statement – street number and name.

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