Published: 16 May 2016

Housing New Zealand is carrying out a wide variety of redevelopment programmes across Auckland. These include 24 minor redevelopments throughout the city, and major redevelopment work in Northern Glen Innes.


Minor redevelopments

Housing New Zealand has launched 24 redevelopment projects across Auckland to build and refurbish at least 150 houses – some to be state rentals, and the rest for private ownership and other social housing providers.

The 24 projects, which will cost approximately $45 million, will be delivered in partnership with the private and community housing sector, and will be completed over the next two to three years.

The 24 redevelopment sites are located mainly in West Auckland, and include 80 old state houses on large, under-utilised sections. Extra units gained per site will range from 1 – 23 new properties. The design, final number and layout of properties, as well as tenure, will be determined in conjunction with private sector partners. However, it is expected that around half of the 80 houses will remain in place and be refurbished, and at least 110 brand new properties built.

The 24 redevelopments will not be confirmed until the design, financing and consent process is complete. They are located in the following suburbs:

  • 5 x Avondale
  • 1 x Hillsborough
  • 5 x Kelston
  • 2 x Henderson
  • 5 x New Lynn
  • 1 x Blockhouse Bay
  • 1 x Glendene
  • 2 x Browns Bay
  • 1 x Narrow Neck
  • 1 x Otahuhu


For privacy reasons, we are unable to provide specific addresses of the state rental properties included in these redevelopment plans. The addresses will be available when planning for the redevelopments has progressed.

We are working closely with tenants affected by the proposed redevelopment projects and will keep them fully informed as the projects take shape. Some will be able to remain living in their state rental property and some will need to be transferred to another state house. For those transferred, every effort will be made to relocate families to locations that suit them, including being close to schools, work and community networks.


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