Published: 9 February 2017

Architects render Meadowbank

In exploring the local neighbourhood, a mixture of period house types from the 1940’s to the present were identified.


The most recent additions are substantial and integrated with considered landscapes. The materials used vary widely, but with a predominance of timber claddings and pitched roofs.

The four existing Housing New Zealand dwellings sit well back from the two roads. The front yards are barren and as such do not assimilate into the neighbourhood in a positive manner. In considering the redevelopment over the amalgamated four sections, it was important to establish a streetscape commensurate with the direction being taken locally.

Purewa, being the busier road,  was identified as appropriate for slightly increased density. Two pairs of duplex houses are proposed here, with a central driveway providing access to larger homes behind. Puroto, on the other hand, is a quieter road featuring more substantial homes. Here we propose to position the larger homes facing the street, with a driveway to further homes behind.

With seven homes addressing the roads, a streetscape is able to be developed in keeping with that of quality infill housing and complementary to the recent local development. The spaces roadside of these homes has been developed to enable visual connections from the homes to the street with the recreation spaces planted with smaller height plantings and fences.

Materials and house forms are drawn from those in the local area with particular emphasis placed on the modulation of the exteriors to give a variety of articulation to the homes.


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