Hawkes Bay

Published: 9 February 2017

Maraenui, Napier 

In 2014 we built seven new two bedroom homes on the corner of Longfellow Avenue and Percy Spiller Street in Maraenui.


Maraenui, Napier

The homes are warm, dry and have six star energy ratings which means lower power bills and improved comfort.

Horvath Homes, an experienced local firm, partnered with us to design and deliver the homes, which are single storey and centred around a communal courtyard.

The properties are centrally located, close to shops and public transport.

We are also making progress in other parts of Maraenui. We recently announced our intention to demolish 33 buildings and engage closely with the local community and stakeholders about how the land is used to improve social outcomes in Maraenui.

Of these buildings, 16 are earthquake prone with a New Build Standard of less than 10 percent which means they would pose a significant safety risk in a moderate earthquake. Because they have such a low rating they would also cost a significant amount to make safe. The other 17 are old, poorly configured and are no longer fit for purpose.

Demolition of properties began earlier this year – take a look at the letter below we sent to residents to keep them informed. Note that one property was demolished in January prior to the letter being sent out, which is why the letter refers to 22 buildings rather than the 23 referenced above.

Much of the vacant land left after we demolish these buildings would be well suited for future development by either private developers or other social housing providers.

We’re excited about possibilities for how the vacant land might be used, and over the next few months we will be talking to the local community and agencies to seek input.

Options could include working in partnership with local developers to create a mix of housing, providing affordable home ownership opportunities and selling the land for the purposes of more social housing or other affordable home ownership opportunities.

We will be providing updates as we know. See more about our announcement here. 


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