Proposed new builds in Wellington

Published: 9 February 2017

Hanson Street

There is demand for one bedroom units in Wellington that are close to amenities and transport links.


We are look to redevelop four sites in Wellington to help meet this demand.  All four sites have or had state housing units on them. The buildings were old, had weather tightness issues or were earthquake prone.


Sites we are looking at

Hanson Street, Mt Cook

We have obtained Resource Consent to build new homes on the site. For more information about this please read our fact sheet [PDF, 3.4 MB].


Owen Street, Newtown

The building on this site is earthquake prone and has significant weather tightness issues. For more information about the design for the site please read our fact sheet [PDF, 1.5 MB].


The Terrace

We had a large site on the Terrace that was home to the Gordon Wilson and McLean block of flats. The Gordon Wilson block was purchased by Victoria University in 2014. We retained the McLean block and are proposing to build new homes. For more information see our fact sheet [PDF, 215 KB].


Britomart Street, Berhampore

The building that was on this site had significant weather tightness issues. It was demolished in 2015. We have obtained Resource Consent for this project. For more information about this development please see our fact sheet [PDF, 735 KB].


We know that the communities around these sites will be interested in what we are doing so we are committed to keeping them informed. We have been informing neighbours about our intentions and keeping them in the loop as our work progresses. 


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