Housing statistics - Vacant Properties

Like any landlord, at any point in time Housing New Zealand has some properties that are vacant while one tenancy ends and another begins. During this short time the property is being inspected to make sure there is no tenant damage and carry out any maintenance work before a new tenant can move in.

The majority of the long-term vacant properties are either being redeveloped, are earthquake prone* and awaiting repair, are methamphetamine contaminated* and undergoing repairs, or are mismatched to demand and need to be sold.

House vacant and pending sale includes those for sale under the First Home Ownership Scheme, and the Tenant Home Ownership programme.

*Earthquake prone buildings

We are doing a significant amount of work to make our buildings safer in earthquakes.

The Building Act 2004 defines potential earthquake-prone buildings as any pre-1976 residential building that is two or more storeys and contains three or more household units.

*Methamphetamine contamination

Housing New Zealand does not tolerate criminal activity in its homes. Any tenant involved in the manufacture or use of methamphetamine will have their tenancy terminated.

Where we suspect one of our properties may be contaminated with methamphetamine, the property will always be tested and remediated as necessary.

Contamination from methamphetamine use is preventing vulnerable people on the social housing register from getting access to a home as cleaning and remediation can take up to three months in serious situations.


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