The Housing Innovation Fund Outcomes Evaluation

The Housing Innovation Fund Outcomes Evaluation

Demand for social housing is growing due to affordability issues and the decline in home ownership. The Housing Innovation Fund (HIF) was set up to encourage the innovative development of a non-government social housing sector able to provide affordable and secure rental housing and home ownership opportunities to low-income New Zealanders.  The evaluators considered that HIF had established a good foundation for community-based organisations to develop in the non-government social housing sector.

HIF has encouraged local governments to retain social housing stock by funding the building of new units and the refurbishment or reconfiguration of existing stock.

Purpose of the evaluation

The purpose of the outcomes evaluation was to determine the extent to which HIF has:

  • assisted with laying down a foundation for the development of a sustainable non-government social housing sector
  • identified approaches that increase the supply and quality of delivery of non-government social housing to target groups.
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