Ex-state houses

We have an extensive collection of building and drainage plans relating to state houses, including those that were sold to private owners. These plans are mainly on microfiche aperture cards, although some printed plans are available. Copies of building plans are provided free of charge.


Some of the building plans on microfiche, and a small number of drainage plans, have been scanned and are available electronically on request, at no charge. No printed plans have been scanned as yet.

It is not always possible to identify the plan used for a specific property. To help us assist you, please read the following information before contacting us about a property.


Periods covered by the plans

The microfiche collection includes plans of houses built between 1937 and 1987. No plans for houses built after 1987 are held on microfiche.


Districts we hold plans for

Plans are held for all districts in New Zealand. However, we have limited information for properties in the Manawatu, Taranaki, Waikato and the Bay of Plenty. In those districts it is not usually possible to identify the plans used.


How long it takes to get a plan

If the plan can be identified for a house, and that plan has been scanned, it can be emailed to you with little delay. If the plan has not been scanned but can be identified and located readily, the plan can be scanned and emailed, or printed and posted, within several days.

The microfiche plans are held in a number of offices and sometimes can be identified only from card indexes held in those offices. In other cases, it may take some time to identify the plan used, or to locate a copy of the relevant plan for scanning. In such cases it is best to allow several weeks for the plan to be provided. Plans held only in hard copy may take longer to provide.


Information you need to provide to get a plan

Usually all we need is the address of the property. In cases where it is difficult to identify a plan, information on drainage plans held by the local council may help. Where the council holds a drainage plan, there may be a plan reference number inside or next to the outline of the house on the drainage plan. We may be able to use this number to help find information when we have no records of our own for the property.

Problems may arise if the street name has changed, or the properties have been renumbered. While this can often be resolved, it may take extra time to make the appropriate checks. If you are aware of such changes, please let us know when you request a plan.


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