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Published: 7 February 2017

Copyright statement

Material featured on this site, including scripts and code, belongs to Housing New Zealand Corporation unless otherwise indicated. You can reproduce this material free of charge without further permission, so long as you:

  • reproduce the material accurately

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  • acknowledge the source and copyright status of the material.


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Site Statistics

We use site statistics to:

  • help you quickly find services or information on the site or predict demand for services
  • help us create content most relevant to you and improve the quality of our search results.

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Your personal information

If we collect personal information from you, the law provides specific guidelines on the collection, use and release of your personal information.

We use the information you give to us to:

  • set up and administer a tenancy you may have with us
  • keep you informed about Housing New Zealand services, information and opportunities.

Housing New Zealand will not share your personal information with anyone else, unless you have agreed, or we have already notified you. Housing New Zealand can also release your personal information to any other person or organisation if allowed by law.

You can ask at any time to see the information we hold about you, or ask us to correct it.


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