Ground issues, trees and storm damage

Published: 9 February 2017

Ground issues

There may be times when a property is affected, directly or indirectly by water or a subsidence problem thought to originate from a Housing New Zealand property.

Contact us about any ground issues.


If trees, roots or branches cross the boundary line, they can be cut or trimmed to the boundary so long as it does not affect the whole tree.

Contact us and let us know if there are trees on our property that require maintenance and if you want us to carry out that out.

Contact us about any tree, root or branch issues.

You can also get information about the maintenance of trees from your Citizen’s Advice Bureau(external link) or local council(external link).

Storm damage

If your property suffers any damage from material on a Housing New Zealand property during a storm event, let us know. You should contact your insurance company immediately as well. When you contact us, you will need to provide details of what has happened, along with your insurance company details.

Contact us about any storm damage issues.


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