Moving out checklist

Published: 25 July 2019

Here are a list of useful things to remember when you're moving out.

Before you move out

Remember to:

  • clean the sink, kitchen bench and oven
  • clean cupboards inside and out
  • clean the bathtub, shower, basin and toilet
  • clean light shades and light switches
  • wash the walls and ceiling, particularly in the kitchen
  • wash windows inside and out
  • replace any cracked or broken windows
  • wash the floor
  • remove all household and garden rubbish as well as personal belongings, including from under the house or in sheds, garages or attic
  • tidy and weed the garden, trim hedges
  • mow the lawns and sweep paths
  • redirect your mail.

Don't forget to:

  • arrange for your electricity, gas and phone to be disconnected
  • arrange for your final power and phone accounts to go to your new address
  • tell your friends and family your new address and phone number
  • fill out a change of address form from your local Post Shop
  • lock the house or flat when you leave and return your keys to us
  • pay your rent up to the date that you leave - call us if you're not sure what you owe
  • arrange to have your bond refunded if you paid one.

When you moved into your house, you may have paid some money as a bond depending on when you started your tenancy. If you paid a bond it will be refunded to you if you leave the property clean, tidy and in good condition and your payments are up to date.


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