Regional developments

Published: 17 January 2019

Properties are added to the state housing portfolio through Housing New Zealand's build, buy, development, redevelopment and lease programmes.


Housing New Zealand completed its Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Programme on June 30 2016 but its work across the city will continue.

The locally based team will continue ongoing plans to build between 100-150 new homes in the city annually.

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Bridge Street - Christchurch

Wellington region

We’re taking advantage of the opportunity to renew a big chunk of our aged housing stock to build modern homes that are warm and dry for people in need of housing in the Wellington region.

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Phillip Street and Frankmoore Avenue - Wellington

Regional housing

Housing New Zealand is in the planning stages of building new state housing in a number of regions to meet demand across the country. The homes will be built on vacant land and larger properties to better utilise our landholdings.

Most of the houses constructed will be one or two-bedroom, with some three and four-bedroom homes. The new, low maintenance homes constructed by Housing New Zealand will be fully insulated, with carpets, curtains and double glazing.

Read which regions these new houses will be located.

Expressions of interest

Find the latest Expressions of Interest (external link) (external link) here for development projects.

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