Social Housing Reform

Published: 13 November 2017

Proposed transfer of some HNZ properties to other providers.

One of the key objectives of the Government’s Social Housing Reform Programme is to encourage more diverse ownership of public housing. This involves transferring ownership and management of some of Housing New Zealand’s houses and tenancies to registered Community Housing Providers.

Find out more about the Social Housing Reform Programme (external link)  .

Information for tenants

If you live in a potential transfer area, which at this stage includes Christchurch, please be assured that Housing New Zealand is committed to ensuring you are kept well-informed as the Government makes decisions on the potential transfer, and throughout any transfer process.

If your Housing New Zealand home is confirmed for transfer to a community housing provider, the only thing that will change is your landlord:

  • You will continue to be housed for as long as you are eligible for state housing.
  • Your rent will not change as a result of having a new landlord.
  • You will have the same rights as a tenant that you do now, and the community housing provider will have the same responsibilities that Housing New Zealand has now.
  • You will need to change who you pay your rent to – we will let you know how to do this.
  • Your home will continue to be used for public housing and cannot be sold unless the Government agrees otherwise.
  • Eligibility for public housing will continue to be assessed by the Ministry of Social Development, as it is now.
  • Housing New Zealand will be in touch every step of the way and support a seamless transition to your new landlord.

If you need to talk about your property or tenancy, you can call Housing New Zealand free on 0800 801 601 8am-6pm Monday to Friday or 24/7 for urgent calls.

If you have any questions about transfers, send your enquiry through to

To talk about your benefit, a change in circumstances or to apply for public housing, you can call the Ministry of Social Development (external link) on 0800 673 468.

Current potential transfers


Current stage: Request for proposal

On 24 November 2016, the Government announced that it is exploring the possibility of transferring Housing New Zealand properties and tenancies in Christchurch to a registered community housing provider.

Community housing providers are non-Government organisations that provide public housing. Most community housing providers work closely with tenants and can connect them with support services where needed. Community housing providers are also regulated and monitored to make sure they provide quality tenancy and property management.

In Christchurch, the Government is considering the transfer of up to 2,500 Housing New Zealand properties in and around the suburbs of Bryndwr, Shirley and Riccarton to a community housing provider. If the proposed transfer proceeds, Housing New Zealand would continue to retain a significant presence in Christchurch

You can find copies of the Government’s announcements on the potential Christchurch transfer on the Beehive website (external link) .

Read the Government’s announcement (external link) .

Past transfers


Current stage: Transferred

The Tauranga Transfer saw 1,138 Housing New Zealand properties smoothly transferred to community housing provider Accessible Properties on 1 April 2017.



Current stage: Not proceeding.

On 22 November 2016, the Government announced that it will not proceed with the proposed transfer of ownership and management of Housing New Zealand houses in Horowhenua and Ōtaki, as signalled earlier this year. This means that houses in the area will remain under Housing New Zealand ownership and tenants will not be getting a new landlord in the foreseeable future.

The Government was exploring bundling 250 Housing New Zealand properties with 115 Horowhenua District Council properties to sell to a community housing provider.

Read the Government’s announcement (external link)  here.

Tāmaki Portfolio Transfer (Complete)

The Government transferred ownership and management of all Housing New Zealand properties in Tāmaki to the Tāmaki Regeneration Company (TRC) on 31 March 2016.

TRC is owned jointly by Government (59%) and Auckland Council (41%). It is a community-based organisation focused on housing regeneration and social transformation in Glen Innes, Panmure and Point England.

If you are a tenant in Tāmaki, call TRC on 0800 521 555 or email

Information for Community Housing Providers

Providers who would like more information about the process for the proposed transfer or who want to register their interest as a public housing provider should visit (external link) .


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