Boil water notice for North Dunedin residents

18 August 2017

Boil water notice lifted in Dunedin.

Update - 18 August 2017

The Dunedin City Council has lifted its boil water notice after the third straight day of clear tests.

Council Infrastructure Networks general manager Ruth Stokes said it was important people in affected areas flushed out their water systems before they resumed drinking water from the tap.

Instructions on how to do so were posted on the council website

Notice - 15 August 2017

All residents in North Dunedin, including any Housing New Zealand tenants, are asked to boil all drinking water until further notice.

This is due to an issue with water quality and is isolated to the north end of the city.

The Dunedin City Council is working to resolve this and will keep you advised. Once we know more, we will also update the Housing New Zealand website.

This applies to the area shown inside the red line on this map and includes CBD, North Dunedin, Leith Valley, Woodhaugh, the Warehouse Precinct and anything in the central city between the town belt and the harbour.

The Dunedin City Council has provided the following tips and advice and we encourage all of our tenants living in the area marked by the red boundary to follow these:

Please boil ALL drinking water. Zips do not boil water sufficiently, water needs to be through a rolling boil for at least one minute and filtered water should also be boiled for at least one minute.

  • The council is working on providing water tankers so there is a supply available. The council will let you know where these will be and when.
  • If you’re in an affected area please flush run your taps for 10-15 minutes. This will flush the water and will help with the cleaning process.
  • If you have a water tank please empty it so it can be refilled with clean water.
  • If you are in an affected area and have water that you have drawn from the tap since yesterday, please tip it out and do not drink it.
  • As a precaution please use hand sanitizer after washing your hands.

More information is available at:

map of effected area residents need to boil water in North Dunedin


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