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Celebrating our tenants’ pride in their homes

29 August 2019

Our tenants take great pride in their properties, and we love acknowledging the work they put in to making sure their house is a home.

In this, the first of two articles on some of our tenants’ efforts, we’ve learned stories of resilience, overcoming issues, and that home pride doesn’t waiver – even after decades in the same place.

These are some of the stories of our Home Pride Awards recipients.

Mt Roskill resident Sialofi.

Sialofi – Mt Roskill, Auckland

Sialofi has difficulties with her right knee, but you wouldn’t know that by looking at her garden.

The Mt Roskill tenant was nominated for a Housing New Zealand’s Pride in Your Home award, and it’s easy to see why when you take a look at her backyard.

Sialofi’s Tenancy Manager Matthew said it could be difficult for her to kneel and sometimes even walk, but she still manages to keep a beautiful home and outdoor area at her Auckland home.

Well done, Sialofi!


Porirua tenant Denis.

Denis – Waitangirua, Porirua

Denis has lived in his home for 43 years and, even though he is now 80 years old, always manages to keep his house in great shape and tend to his gardens.

He does this in memory of his late wife Dorothy, who has sadly passed away, as the couple started their home and garden together. Because of his continued efforts for such a long time, his Tenancy Manager Fa wanted him to receive a Home Pride Award.

Denis is known as the friendly neighbour of his street in Porirua, and the children from the local school love to engage with him. Fa was one of those students in the 1980s, and still remembers the man who took such pride in his home.

“He is an amazing man and just simply awesome,” she said.

Whangarei tenant Bill with Zephyr.

Bill – Otangarei, Whangarei

Whangarei resident Bill recently put a huge effort into his home and now has it looking great.

As often happens in many different ways for all of us, life got in the way and Bill was finding it difficult to keep on top of his housework. However, you wouldn’t know that if you took a walk through his home now.

Bill has worked extremely hard and should be proud of his efforts. That’s why Zephyr, a Family Link Specialist who has been working with him, nominated him for a Housing New Zealand Home Pride award.

“Something I’ve learned from my time so far in this role is that it’s a real challenge for us to put into words the amazing stories we hear, and the journey that we become part of when working with these inspiring people,” Zephyr says.

Christchurch Community Group Housing resident Tony.

Tony – West Melton, Canterbury

The first time Community Group Housing Project Manager Vivienne visited Tony’s group home, he wouldn’t let her inspect his bedroom. Now he greets her with excitement every time she arrives, looking forward to showing her the progress he has made in cleaning and clearing out his bedroom.

“Tony is a collector. On his mountain bike, he travels around his local area picking up items that are of interest to him. Before we’d met, that meant he could’ve been at a potential risk of harm in the case of an emergency, so we worked together to address the issue.”

Tony has since made massive progress in clearing his room out and will soon move to a new home.

He has clean floors and can better use his kitchen and bathroom area. He is continually making progress and is excited about his future.

Tony is determined to keep making progress and plans on expanding to his outdoor area.

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