Children to benefit from HNZC generosity

14 December 2017

Some Christchurch children in care will wake up on Christmas morning with a smile on their face, thanks to the generosity of local Housing New Zealand staff.

Staff at the Christchurch office were recently asked to vote on which cause/organisation they wanted to support this Christmas.

With our roles, we often see how many children can go in and out of foster care. Sadly, the festive season is a peak time for child protection agencies that are faced daily with the reality and severity of Child Abuse, Neglect and Crisis in our local communities.

This Christmas, our office decided to donate to Foster Hope, which is a recently formed volunteer run organisation whose aim is to ease the transition for children and teens going into care.

Fosterhope make up backpacks for the children to ensure they have everything they need, as often they can leave home with a small plastic bag or no belongings at all.

Tenancy Manager Zoe, who organised the collection, said local staff donated a wide variety of items to help these children feel special this Christmas. The donations included teddies, books, toy cars, dolls and other useful items such as toothbrushes, nappies and baby wipes, which Fosterhope is always needing.

"We hope that these small gifts can bring a little bit of light and hope to our community’s most vulnerable children, when often change and grief invade their little lives," Zoe says.

Ngaire, a volunteer from Foster Hope, came to collect the donations and was going to meet with a social worker afterwards to work through the presents list for children they work alongside.

Zoe wanted to thank all the staff who contributed.

"It’s really heartening to see the generosity of our staff. I want to thank everyone who gave a gift – some very special children will have a brighter Christmas because of their efforts."

Fosterhope children benefit from HNZC generosity

Housing New Zealand staff, from left, Susan, Kylie, Foster Hope volunteer Ngaire, Vicki, Vivienne and Zoe with the gifts donated by Housing New Zealand staff in Christchurch.

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