Standing up for safety

8 December 2017

Congratulations to Deana Pochin, Daran Buckland and David James who recently graduated with a Certificate in Construction Site Safety.

Standing up for safetyAs attitudes and legislation for Health and Safety in the workplace have changed over the past years, so has the need for good management and training of best health and safety practice.

David, Deana and Daran (pictured right), Project Managers from Housing New Zealand in Christchurch, recognised this need and therefore took part in the Site Safe course to demonstrate their commitment to safety training.

Site Safe, in collaboration with Unitec Institute of Technology, has developed the programme that provides training and education for those in the construction industry. This NZQA approved course is made up of a number of modules, and those who take part must complete 40 Site Safe Credits to graduate.

The project managers took away many lessons from the course.

"I thought that the one of the best take away points from the certificate was that it really boosted the level of confidence that I have to have robust conversations about health and safety with contractors. It gives you the assurance that you need to say when things don’t look right," said Deana.

Daran had a similar experience with the course, “It has given us a feeling of empowerment to have those difficult conversations where needed, to recognise good practice when presented and foster over time a higher level of Health and Safety awareness overall."

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