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Steps to take when removing flaky paint that may contain lead

To ensure the health and safety of contractors and our tenants, Housing New Zealand issued the HS-214 Paint Containing Lead policy on 5 September 2017.

Lead-based paintBelow are the highlights from the policy, which comes into effect on 1 December 2017.

Our contractors will already be aware of many of these precautions, as most were part of the previous Housing New Zealand policy.


Test for lead at any property built before 1997. Record the results on the HS-314 Lead Identification Form; this form must remain on site regardless of the result.


Plan the removal and decide on the management technique. Record the plan on the HS-315 Lead Removal Control Plan (unless the works are minor).


The preparation, clean-up and clearance activities should be undertaken in accordance with AS 4361.2.

Make sure

Ensure only permitted methods are used for removal. These are:

  • wet scraping
  • chemical strippers
  • wet hand sanding
  • low-temperature heat gun processes under 200°C
  • dry power sanding with an HEPA attachment (see the HS-214 policy for additional requirements for this method)
  • replacement of material or removal of entire item.

Techniques that must not be used at HNZ properties are:

  • blow torches (direct flame)
  • hot air blower
  • infra red (recessed flame)
  • dry hand sanding
  • water blasting
  • abrasive blasting.

When finishing

When the lead paint removal is completed, clearance certification must be provided via the HS-315 Lead Removal Control Plan Part B.

Health and wellbeing

Workers who undertake lead removal activities must receive medical surveillance, including the monitoring of lead levels in blood.

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