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Thermal upgrade for the Hutt

Published: 10 October 2018

Housing New Zealand is thermally upgrading 66 properties in Lower Hutt to ensure they are warm and dry for tenants.

One of the Hutt homes in the thermal upgrade pilot

The pilot has committed $9.3 million to improving the thermal performance of these homes through insulation, double glazing, thermal curtains, ventilation and new heating to ensure a healthy indoor living environment.

The pilot will help the homes achieve an indoor winter temperature of 20 degrees in the living area, 18 degrees in the bedrooms and 16 degrees elsewhere, which is in line with the World Health Organization’s recommendations.

The pilot will also look at how the upgraded homes perform, especially during the colder months. The thermal makeover and renovation are resetting the property’s life. As well as providing warmer, drier and healthier environments for tenants, they will also reduce the ongoing maintenance costs of these properties.

A tenant living in one of the houses that have been thermally upgraded as part of the pilot says she says she’s barely turned on the heater at all, despite Wellington going through several particularly cold periods.

Before the upgrade the tenant said she was was running her heat pump all the time resulting in very high power bills and having to layer up with thick clothes and blankets to ward off the cold.

Her 14-year-old son is also feeling the positive effects. He was hospitalised for two weeks for asthma-related issues while living in the old house, and had to visit the doctor every month or two for check ups.

Now he’s living in the warmer home, the tenant says his asthma is causing him little trouble and he does not need to visit the doctor nearly as often.

These experiences are exactly what we’re hoping for with this pilot so keep an eye out for further updates in Contractor Connect.


Work underway inside one of the homes

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