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A loved plum tree lives another day

As part of our Boundary Fencing Programme, an upgrade of a boundary fence was planned at a Riccarton property in Christchurch.

The modified new fence and loved plum tree

At the time the job was scoped, nothing out of the ordinary was identified. It was just a matter of removing an old broken fence, trimming some trees and removing vegetation to allow a brand new wooden fence to be built.

But soon after work started, we received a call.

While an arborist had already removed some small trees and other vegetation, an issue had arisen when neighbouring tenants heard that a larger plum tree on the boundary line would also have to be removed.

The Tenancy Manager happened to be in the area and called by to talk to PBMC Switched On about the tenant’s concerns.

The tenants were very unhappy about the plum tree going, were guarding it and wouldn’t leave until another solution was found. The plum tree was important to the group of tenants who lived nearby.

The Tenancy Manager spoke with the tenants and the tradespeople onsite and identified that if the fence line was altered slightly, the posts and palings reversed and some lower branches pruned, it would be possible to keep the plum tree in place.

With everyone in agreement, the good news was then relayed to the tenants, who were absolutely stoked when they heard that their favourite and very treasured plum tree would be saved.

A great outcome thanks to working together, being flexible and keeping tenants at the centre of everything we do.

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