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E-Texting to contact tenants

In our last edition, we shared stories about new technology in the contractor maintenance space.

We have another technology story for you in this edition, this time about E-Texting.

Programmed Facility Management (PFM) has recently rolled out E-Texting to improve completion rates for work, and PFM’s Shane Hadfield says “so far so good”.

“The E-Texting initiative is getting good results when our Help Desk initiates contact with tenants to pre-arrange contractor appointment times,” Shane says.

“We’re also finding that tenants are more likely to respond to a text message than return a phone call,” he says.

Shane thinks this is because more and more tenants are now on mobile phone plans that allow unlimited text messaging than previously.

Whatever the reasons, we’re achieving the results we’re after with getting the work we need to do done and dusted,” Shane says.


PFM’s E-Texting flowchart

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