Patrick’s update

Published: 10 May 2017

Welcome to this first issue of Roof Shout. There has never been a more exciting, or challenging, time to be part of the building and construction sector in New Zealand. Availability, affordability, supply, intensification…the subject of housing has been at the forefront of the national consciousness for a long time now. There has been a lot of debate. Now we’re at the heart of the action.


Patrick Dougherty

Housing New Zealand has always built, bought, sold and leased properties to house those in greatest need. And we’re the largest residential landholder in Auckland, owning around six per cent of that land. That puts us at forefront of building activity across the region.

In the last financial year we secured 871 homes – by far the largest number of houses we’ve provided for many years. But we’re continually ramping up to deliver much more.

This year we’re looking to almost double that number, and in the following three years we’ll spend around a billion dollars to create up to 4,200 new homes – mostly in Auckland where need and demand is greatest. The scale in our pipeline will allow us to provide a greater and multi-year commitment to builders capable of assisting us. We’ll be going up too, putting considerable resources into multi-storey apartments in ways we’ve never done before in Auckland.

Our objectives are simple; to increase the pace and scale of housing supply and make the best use of our homes and land, without compromising quality. We won’t only be creating social housing. We’ll also be boosting supply to the general market - either by building homes ourselves or making land available for others to build on.

Many of you are already on board and taking the journey with us. You know the job is big and the opportunities numerous. If you’re not already part of our team, and would like to join us and leave your mark on the future face of Auckland, we’d like to talk.



Patrick Dougherty

General Manager Asset Development Group


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