Standard house designs to provide certainty for builders

Housing New Zealand (HNZ) has gathered initial feedback from build partners on its new standard house designs before moving to the detailed design phase.

It’s part of our work to radically cut the cost and time taken for construction as we gear up to boost housing supply. Standardisation also aims to reduce material waste, professional fees and council costs, and ensure we use industry standard sizes.

We’ve developed a set design for a one-bedroom, two-bedroom and so on up to a six-bedroom house. These include such things as uniform room and lot sizes and designs, as well as standard sizing and joinery for window and doors, and componentry like bench tops and other fixtures and fittings. Standard designs for apartments will follow.

“Adopting standard designs will mean we’re able to calculate down to the last nail what, and how many, components are needed for each home and each redevelopment,” said Patrick Dougherty.

“We’ve invested considerably in ensuring our designs take into account the living environment that we’re creating for our tenants, as well as the character of the existing surrounding neighbourhoods."

“The design intent was to provide a community that feels like home,” said Patrick.

This is the first stage of cutting construction costs from our redevelopments. Later, we’ll be able to use our size to procure components at scale and across our entire pipeline – which should also lead to further savings.

We’ll next survey HNZ tenants on the proposed designs to ensure they produce functional homes geared to their needs, household sizes and lifestyles. We’ll show them a mix of 3D models and renders of the homes and ask our tenants’ opinions on such things as adequate storage capacity and what extra space should be built into kitchens etc.

The house designs offer a wide range of flexible options that can be used on a variety of sites, providing solar access and layouts that support family life. In addition, they’ll significantly reduce build complexity and duration of construction, enabling build partners to produce more homes each and ensuring that our tenants have a comfortable home.

And everyone on a project would benefit from quicker and more streamlined consenting.

For more information: contact Senior Development Manager Matt Hulett.

To view a fly-through video of what a standardised street frontage might look like, see link)

Standard house designs to provide certainty for builders

A 3D model of a standardised three-bedroom house.

Standard house designs to provide certainty for builders

Examples of 2 separate two-bedroom duplexes built to standard designs.

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