Eligibility criteria

Published: 8 February 2017

When a community group makes an enquiry with Housing New Zealand they are informed of the community group housing eligibility criteria.

Community Group Housing (CGH) provides either crisis housing or homes. Housing New Zealand does not supply houses/premises for clinical treatment. Generally, any treatment of the tenants of community groups should take place outside of any home rented from CGH.

Housing New Zealand uses the following eligibility criteria to determine whether community groups could be eligible for a property. The group must:

  • be contracted to provide residential services by another government agency
  • be accredited, audited and monitored by a government agency to provide residential services.
  • be a registered charity, incorporated society or a government funded provider.
  • have sufficient funding, governance structure and management capability to achieve the desired outcomes.

To find out more about applying for Community Group Housing call 0800 801 601.


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