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Published: 8 February 2017

If Housing New Zealand (HNZ) determines a group is eligible for a community group house and they fit within the HNZ prioritisation criteria based on the specific needs of:

  • the group and the group’s contract,
  • whether the group can afford market rent and
  • the type of service to be provided

they will be asked to complete an application form. A HNZ Project Manager will also meet with the group to discuss the finer details of their application.

Step 1: Complete application form

The completed application form should be sent to the HNZ Project Manager with the following attachments:

  • Confirmation of funding, the funding contract
  • A copy of the group’s annual report, audited accounts and financial position
  • A copy of the group’s registration as an incorporated society or trust deed
  • Letters of support from the groups funder and/or the community
  • The group’s communications plan
  • The funders monitoring / auditing schedule

Download the Community Group Housing Application Form [PDF, 937 KB].

Step 2: Internal proposal written

Once a group has supplied Housing New Zealand with all the required information in the application, the Project Manager will write an internal proposal which includes the information supplied from the group’s application and some more specific information regarding potential location and planning requirements.

The completed proposal is reviewed by the Housing New Zealand management team for approval.

Step 3: Match to suitable property

If the proposal is approved and Housing New Zealand agrees to supply the group a property, we will begin looking for a suitable property. Housing New Zealand looks at a range of properties, including our current stock as well as properties on the open market.

If Housing New Zealand considers some properties are appropriate, the group will be invited to visit the properties to understand what will best meet their needs. When a decision is made about an appropriate property, we will work with the group to make it fit for their service.

Groups can stay in the property as long as they want, provided the property continues to be used for the agreed purpose and the requirements of the Residential Tenancies Act or the Property Law Act are met.

If the community group is not eligible and/or Housing New Zealand cannot find an appropriate property we will suggest alternative options.


If the group’s application is accepted, the time it takes to get a property depends on a number of factors, including:

  • Your group’s prioritised housing need
  • The location you require for the property
  • Availability of a suitable property
  • If there are any resource consent and/or code of compliance requirements
  • Alterations that you require to be made to the property. 

Step 4: Tenancy agreement

When the property has been completed and signed off the final thing to do before moving in is to sign a tenancy agreement, pay bond and agree the rent with Housing New Zealand. This will meet the requirements of the Residential Tenancies Act or the Property Law Act, depending on the type of service the group offers. Housing New Zealand will go through the agreement, the group can also contact Tenancy Services or a lawyer.


Community groups have to pay a market rent. The amount depends on the type of home, facilities and location. 

Find out more

To find out more about applying for Community Group Housing call 0800 801 601.

A Welcome Pack is available for all new or existing Community Group Housing customers.


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