Advocating on behalf of customers

Published: 8 February 2017

Before you can advocate on behalf of a Housing New Zealand customer, you will need their permission before we can discuss their case with you.

Advice for advocates

Tenant permission can be given by the customer:

  • over the phone (eg to a housing advisor at the Customer Services Centre) – this is by far the fastest way to raise and get a response to/progress a query and is the best channel to use for both routine and urgent enquiries.

  • in person (eg if you are attending a scheduled meeting with an applicant or tenant)

  • in writing (eg if you need to talk to us at a time when the customer cannot be available). This channel is best suited to non-routine, non-urgent enquiries. Please ask the customer to complete and sign this privacy waiver form which can then be scanned and emailed with details of the query to Please note that we aim to respond to incoming queries through this channel within two working days. 


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